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Portable Mini Scale (0.001g-20g)

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  • Perfect & spot on mini glitter scale! BRAND NEW still in their box & un-opened.

I brought this to measure my eco glitters, but it doesn't go high enough for me (I was trying to replace my 50g one, I didn't read the advert properly), so therefore you get it at cost! It will be the perfect size for your small glitter jobs for the crafters & soap makers, bath bombs etc who want to add the same amount of glitter to each item.

  • HIGH PRECISION: With a high-precision sensor system, the scale has a high precision of 0.001g, so it is very accurate
  • 3 FUNCTIONS AND 6 UNITS CONVERSION: G/GN/OZ/OZT/DWT/CT, easy to use, multi-function scale can weigh various measurements, calibration and sharding function, automatically close in 3 minutes. Tare = zero.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SCALE: The smooth platform will not stick to the weighing object, it is very delicate and beautiful, small in size, user-friendly and easy to carry. With a windshield for the weighing process, the blue backlit digital display makes the data clear and easy to read in low light