PURE was 1st LAUNCHED 2019

I opened my shop that year & imported the best glitter I could. Read below for info & facts. I find being transparent is BEST when it comes to YOU choosing what to purchase & knowing the truth of what you are buying. That's why I advertise everywhere that it's the PURE range, as the are other ranges & many false glitters trying to claim they biodegrade, but simply - to what extent??

How do you know what you're actually getting if they don't fully divulge that info openly, shops say 100% biodegradable, but they aren't. Me as a responsible importer & seller of Bioglitter PURE (which includes: natural, opal & vivid colour ranges) also now the NEW Bioglitter HOLO. Wants YOU to research the colours, info, facts & differences - so YOU know what YOU are GETTING

Even though I'd love for you guys to purchase from me, I am wanting to share the info, so you can SHARE what you have & be KNOWLEDGABLE, when talking to your clients or friends xx Rach

I'm a LISTED LICENSED SELLER / STOCKIST on the BIOGLITTER website & I've SIGNED paper work to give me permission to USE their LOGO.

Any queries please do ASK!

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Did you know that the words “Bioglitter”, “Bio Glitter” and “Bio-glitter” are trademarked to Ronald Britton Ltd – The manufacturers of Bioglitter™?
Because of this we respectfully ask that companies do not use these terms against products that are not ours. This is just one way we are trying to help consumers differentiate between Bioglitter™ and other “eco friendly” glitters available on the market.

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If you have brought glitter from me in any form - a big hug from me & thank you for supporting my small business, it really does mean the world & making my dream come true. Glitter facts are below for everyone to read & share with others, spread the eco glitter love around. This glitter truly feels amazing!!! xx Rach

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Bioglitter DOES NOT DISSOLVE in water, it needs environmental bacteria & other environmental microorganisms to biodegrade. Once it enters the natural environment, such as farmer's field, wastewater or our rivers & lakes, microbes will consume the biodegradable content turning it into carbon dioxide, water & biomass. 

 In a microbe & bacteria free environment BIOGLITTER is completely DURABLE.


 NEW ‘Soft Focus iridescent’ glitter effect sets THE standard in authenticated eco-friendly glitters.100% plastic free glitter - THE world's 1st!
Ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials
100% biodegradable in 28days (in natural freshwater environment)
OK Biodegradable Water Certification
Biobased carbon content certified
Microplastic Free
Aluminium Free - safe for lips
Allergen Free
Antimony Free
GMO Free
Carmine Free
Globally compliant with microplastic and microbead legislation
Bioglitter™ is designed to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural freshwater environments.
Bleed resistant and suitable for dry, water based, solvent based, oil based and surfactants
Plants not plastic!
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glitter biodegrades 4 ways certified kandobodyart
Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE also utilizes our new patent pending plastic free natural coating technology. Pure is based on plant-derived or natural materials. Shellac is approved by the Vegetarian Society, produced from the secreted resin left behind by juvenile insects after they have swarmed the host tree. The process causes no harm, distress or interruptions of the life cycle. A natural and environmentally friendly process.Bio Glitter Pure Range in NZ
Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE, being 100% plastic free & is compliant with all micro plastic legislation, including the UK microbead legislation Jan 2018.  PURE is the world’s first **TÜV, ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ (Jan 2019) certified glitter range.  This is the highest level of independent certification for fresh water biodegradability in the world.  Based on natural material rather than plastic, it has been developed to biodegrade quickly and safely in the natural environment.
PURE has & uses TÜV OK biodegradable WATER certification as a simple and clear means of communicating this fact to our customers.  We have taken this approach as terms such as ‘100% plastic free’ and ‘100% biodegradable’ can be used without qualification and don’t necessarily describe the eco credentials of a product. At Ronald Britton, we believe OK biodegradable WATER certification cuts through the confusion.  Moreover, the ISO 14851/2 tests at the heart of this certification are also specified by ECHA for determination of whether or not a polymeric material is considered a microplastic.
Certified glitter to biodegrade in safely water
Cosmetic Bioglitter™ replaces the polyester film used in traditional cosmetic glitter with a very special form of cellulose extracted from hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating to PEFC™ standards.  Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE utilises our unique mineral and naturally derived coating.
Due to the physical properties and chemistry of the raw materials used in Bioglitter™ it is not possible to re-create the structure of a traditional iridescent glitter. Therefore, we have had to take a completely different approach.  Our soft focus ‘Natural’ colour range was our first offering in this novel type of glitter. 
BioglitterTM 'PURE OPAL' glitter range in NZ
The ‘PURE Opal’ colour range, a mother of pearl effect.
BioglitterTM 'PURE VIVID' glitter
‘PURE Vivid’ colour range, a strong metallic effect, both launched in 2020, are our most recent colour ranges.
All Bioglitter™ PURE (100% biodegradable, no plastics) products do not have a reflective aluminium layerPURE also utilises our new patent pending plastic free natural coating technology, so although they are less brilliant than Bioglitter™ SPARKLE (87% biodegradable, 92% plastic free) they do offer novel opalescent-iridescent effect and enhanced formulation compatibility and resistance.
Bioglitter PURE colours in NZ
A Note from Rach: When Sparkle range hits the 100% biodegradability, then I will consider getting in more colours, but until then I believe I have the best eco glitter, to which PURE range is getting more colours over time.  
bioglitter sparkle eco biodegradable facts
Bioglitter SPARKLE range 87% biodegradable
Based on plants, not plastic, Cosmetic Bioglitter™ feels much more comfortable on the skin and less irritable when worn in the hair compared with equivalent sized plastic glitter.   Similar to comparing the comfort difference experienced between wearing natural and man-made fabrics; Bioglitter™ is made from naturally derived materials and is physically softer than polyester glitter.
In blind testing, over 80% of people preferred the softer, silky feel of Bioglitter™
In addition, all Bioglitter™ products are precision cut to ensure a smooth clean edge, even further enhancing the user experience.
Being aluminum free they are suitable for use on lips in the US and their enhanced formulation compatibility enables them to perform well when in liquid and solid soaps.
All Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE products do not contain FD&C lake pigments so are bleed resistant and all red shades are suitable for use around the eyes.
Bioglitter™ PURE products do not contain carmine.
Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE, like its sister product Cosmetic Bioglitter™ SPARKLE, is also industry award-winning on a global level:-
Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE products are NOT edible.
**Certified OK Biodegradable WATER means guaranteed biodegradation in a natural, freshwater environment.
Know what you're looking for when buying "Biodegradable GLITTER"
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