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Hi there!

Gift cards are a great gift to give someone to purchase EcoGlitter, Facepaint etc

Perfect for anyone who loves painting, body art, makeup, glittering anything, from anyone who make & bake bath bombs or soaps to lil ones wanting eco sparkles in their glitter, slime or crafting (without you having to worry about the "adding more glitter to the ocean" ... This glitter fully biodegrades, so washing your hands/body getting ECOFAIRY GLITTER off, its safe to go down the drain!

Facepaint you just need to activate with a bit of water, using sponge or brush. Need any helpful tips, just ask, I'll be happy to help xoxo Rach

NB: Vouchers can be used for any item in my shop.

* The $135 amount is prefect to shout a birthday = 1 HOUR of Face Painting (up to 10 kids faces) /Glitter Tattoos (up to 15 tattoos)

* The $150 amount is right amount to shout a party = 1 HR Airbrush (unlimited tattoos)