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ecofairy glitter

Cosmos Signature Mix

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All the pinks & shimmers purple too šŸ’œĀ 

EcoFairy GlittersĀ are allĀ BioGlitterĀ® PUREĀ range!

100% plastic freeĀ -Ā THE world's 1st!

100% biodgradable in 28daysĀ (in natural freshwater environment)

OK Biodegradable WaterĀ Certification

Microplastic Free

Aluminium FreeĀ - safe for lips


Allergen Free

GMO Free

Plants not plastic!

NEW ā€˜Soft Focus iridescentā€™ glitter effect

SetsĀ THEĀ standard in authenticated eco-friendly glitters.

Cosmetic BioglitterĀ® PURE isĀ not edible.


Cosmetic BioglitterĀ® PUREĀ alsoĀ utilises our new patent pending plastic free natural coating technology.Ā Pure is based on plant-derived or natural materials. Shellac is approved by the Vegetarian Society, produced from the secreted resin left behind by juvenile insects after they have swarmed the host tree. The process causes no harm, distress or interruptions of the life cycle. A natural and environmentally friendly process.