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ecofairy glitter

Bioglitter™ HOLO Mix Sample

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EcoFairy Glitters are all BioGlitter® PURE/OPAL/VIVID & HOLO ranges!

100% plastic free - THE world's 1st!

100% biodgradable in 28days (in natural freshwater environment)

OK Biodegradable Water Certification

Microplastic Free

Extremely low heavy metals content

Antimony free (<0.5 ppm total content analysis, which is below detectable levels)


Allergen Free

GMO Free

Plants not plastic!

NEW ‘Soft Focus iridescent’ glitter effect

Sets THE standard in authenticated eco-friendly glitters.

Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE is not edible.


Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE also utilises our new patent pending plastic free natural coating technology. Pure is based on plant-derived or natural materials. Shellac is approved by the Vegetarian Society, produced from the secreted resin left behind by juvenile insects after they have swarmed the host tree. The process causes no harm, distress or interruptions of the life cycle. A natural and environmentally friendly process.


Cosmetic Bioglitter™ HOLO, the world’s first TÜV, ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ certified holographic glitter range, considered the highest level of independent certification for fresh water biodegradability in the world.  Developed to biodegrade quickly and safely in the natural environment.

A Kaleidoscope of Colour

Bioglitter™ HOLO products produce a spectacular holographic effect, splitting light into it’s component parts resulting in a brilliant rainbow effect.  In non-diffuse, direct light, for example sunshine or led lights, these products really excel producing an eye catching kaleidoscope of dazzling colour!