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This is US...

You'll find us at MARKETS & EVENTS typically wearing rainbow.
As of 2022: We are Mr & Mrs OFFICER
Rachelle (rachel) & James
The company is mine & I have grown it to where it is today from 2015, when I first tried my hand at facepainting. We all started somewhere & this was my result... EKK...
my first time facepainting 2015 (kando body art, kando facepainting)
"Soooo 2015" ... OMG!!!!
To this :) ...
2018 tiger facepaint kando entertainment
Above is a tiger & kitten I painted in 2018
sleepy batman bat girl facepaint kandobodyart kando facepainting
2018+ my Batman style & still similar today
my facepainting 2021 kando entertainment kandobodyart
2021 - Ahhh that's better !!
...much improved linework xoxo
Below is when I was designing a new face paint board for Air New Zealand for the hero children at Koru Care Charitable Trust New Zealand
Stuff news report for Koru Kids & this sweet boy was featured, painted by me :)
Air New Zealand ✈️ on Instagram: “50 little heroes, 50 big smiles. Watch this to make it 51 smiles 💜✈️”
designing a superhero facepaint board kando entertainment facepainter christchurch
I grew up in TeAnau
Moved to Dunedin (aged 10?), Moved to Timaru (when I was 22?), Moved to Chch with my ex husband & fell pregnant at 23, had my two babies & wouldn't change that for anything. Love them both to pieces!
kandobodyart owner
2015 I started for my kids school disco with the PTA


(left my ex husband, not that important, kinda is...)
I'm now with a man that supports what I LOVE TO DO, no matter what I do !! 
Even though he admits that living with a CRAFTY person, its a MESSY job.
hahahaha.... & started to be hired for facepainting at birthdays, I attended many weekend markets to get my name out there


Is when I started my facepainting fb page & so many-many markets that I attended back then. Like EVERY weekend. Where ever I could get in! To try & build up my lil business & to help put FOOD on the table.
my first body paint by kando face painting SILKS performer
2017: A painted a SILKS Performer & got on the body painting train from here
UV comps were held at an amazing venue in Christchurch: HALO & such a fun crowd of people to be among! xxx
body paint uv by kando facepainting


(Nov) I expanded my business to include AIRBRUSH TATTOOS, temp tattoos that last 3-10 days if looked after or if you don't get hot when you sleep lol. I'm now able to cater better towards CORPORATE EVENTS, we have 2x AIRBRUSH KITS, 2x Artists - corporate events can be anywhere between 2 & 8hrs & MANY attending. Airbrushing is much faster than face painting. We also do private parties. All ages love it & get in on it. #loveitwhenadultsjoinin
I've also made many friends in this line of work.
So if I'm not available, I will find someone for you.
UV Body Comp 2018 kandobodyart kando facepainting
2018: I placed 3rd - I was pretty proud of myself !!! ps. The elephants ears & feet moved, hope you can imagine that! :p


I opened my SHOP, got an importers license, import face paint supplies & biodegradable glitter, I did my research to get the BEST GLITTER on the market for you in large amounts so you can purchase in small amounts :)
ecofairyglitter bioglitter nz christchurch
our mascots at kando entertainment KANDOBODYART

#&%$ 2020

2020 Covid hit, not as many jobs coming in, still was able to work a few birthday parties, so THANK YOU for all the support xoxo
2021 (still covid) but got to be apart of a few amazing jobs! eg. AIR NZ, along with other amazing new clients & repeat customers (love that kind)


I'm fully Vaccinated & all Events have slowed...

Ways you can support me:

  • A like / love / smile, a share, on any fb post, share my website with any family & friends. 'Cos we'll get back out there face painting etc soon.
  • You can purchase products to make DIY kits at home for entertainment during holidays, I can give you printed help sheets for you or lil ones
  • I sell glitter tattoo kits fun for all. The glitter can be swapped out for BioGlitter.
  • You can purchase a gift card & keep or give to someone, they can be used for anything in my shop, you can even GIFT A PARTY (for face painting or airbrushing) if you didn't want a party, they can still be used on items in store

a BIG THANK YOU for any purchases you make or hiring me, in the past & in the future. Look forward to working with you at your next party or big event & getting everyone's orders correct & out quickly!

me kando bodyart chch owner


Can we start 2023 YET & get to the good part...
*April 2022: Job bookings are picking up & everyone seems to be pleased to party again, Corporate events are getting the community back to their happy places, so sending you all a very much appreciated thank you hug from my heart, as this is what I love to do! Look forward to working you event x